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Active Shooter Coverage

Active Shooter Coverage

Gunman Kills 2 Dealership Employees in Morgan Hill, California

Events like Tuesday’s shooting at a California Ford Dealership touch the hearts of all of us.  We are saddened by the senseless loss of life and grieve for the families affected.  As Dealers, this hits far too close to home.  It should be an alert to all in the Dealer community of what can happen and a call to be vigilant with your awareness and preparation.  As we noted in our May Blog:  Be Prepared for the Worst; Disaster Preparedness must go beyond natural disasters like Hurricanes and Tornadoes.  We simply must talk about the unthinkable.

While police stated that there was “no threat to the public,” there was, at minimum, loss of earnings and a public relations crisis to deal with.  Moving forward, we could easily see litigation for Third Party claims of “shock and fright” and, potentially some PTSD claims from employees due to the incident.

Like other potential Disaster Events, we have to designate a chain of command for the immediate response to secure the facility and move people (and customers) to safety.  That is always the primary concern.  Second, Dealers should explore insurance coverage in the same manner as you do for Wind, Fire, and other potential causes of disruption.  The marketplace has developed some extensive Active Shooter products that can provide for Liability Claims, Loss of Earnings, and Public Relations/Crisis Management.  Sadly, this is the world we live in.

The question is: Are you prepared for an incident?

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