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Disaster Preparedness: Protecting Your Inventory from Hurricanes

Last year (2019) appeared to be a “mild” year from a weather perspective, but damage estimates, according to Accuweather, exceeded $22B. If Hurricane Dorian had kept its projected course and not moved further eastward, the destruction to Florida’s east coast corridor would have been devastating.

The State of the Dealership Insurance Industry 2020

Remember the lyrics of the old Bob Dylan song… “for the times, they are a changin’”… That is certainly true today as it has been a most unusual year for all of us! Everything in our world seems to have changed… including the insurance industry. All of which affect our bank accounts and profit margins. Our …

Dealership Insurance – Looking Back at 2019

A reflection on the insurance industry in 2019 from President of DealerRisk Services, Steven P. Gibson. As we near the close of 2019, there are some industry trends of note: Markets in Disarray Inventory Market Umbrella Market Premiums on the Rise Commercial Auto/Garage Property First, let’s address the premium increases as this market segment is …

Garage Liability 101

Insurance is complicated and expensive. Dealership Insurance can be extremely complicated and very expensive.   At Dealer Risk Services, we provide insurance expertise to the Automotive Industry.  We do this in 3 ways:  Risk Management, Product Development and Education.   We have Developed a series of info blasts to provide you with the tools you …

Where to Begin when Shopping for Garage Insurance

The very best place to begin with any marketing effort is to identify the potential insurers for a Dealership of your scope, size and location. The next part is to map out your specific coverage needs.   Both of these areas may require outside expertise and advice.   The garage insurance marketplace can include both national …