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Category: Dealership Insurance 101

Exploring Dealership Insurance Options

Dealership insurance should provide the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest cost. We achieve this by controlling claims and utilizing options.  But, without the ability to predict the frequency and severity of claims and having procedures in place to control losses, choosing a loss sensitive plan is a lot like going from table to table …

Preparing for Your Dealership Insurance Renewal

I am often asked the question…’’How far in advance should I work on my Insurance renewal?  Thirty days prior to renewal, sixty days, ninety days out?”  My answer is always the same.  Begin working on it as soon as you bind the current year! Insurance is such a large expense that it needs (and deserves) …

What are Captives for Dealerships?

Dealers have been using off shore reinsurance companies to house their F & I business for years. So, why not use the same concept for the other insurance needs? While it’s true that Vehicle Service contract losses are limited in both time and value, and that Liability and Workers Compensation claims have a longer “tail;” …