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Disaster Preparedness: Protecting Your Inventory from Hurricanes

Last year (2019) appeared to be a “mild” year from a weather perspective, but damage estimates, according to Accuweather, exceeded $22B. If Hurricane Dorian had kept its projected course and not moved further eastward, the destruction to Florida’s east coast corridor would have been devastating.

Resolutions for 2017

Welcome 2017.  Happy New Year to all! There’s something special about the “passing from one year to another.”  It’s a universal time of change.  We reflect, however briefly, on the past and move headstrong into a ’’new year,’’ and sometimes a ‘’new you.’’ We tend to put a lot of stock into that click on …

If You Take Care of Your Business’ Insurance Needs, Now’s the Time to Look at Your Own

As we approach Valentine’s Day and the pull on our hearts for that “special person,” it’s a good time to take a look at your personal insurance.  So often we meet CFOs and Business Owners who do a tremendous job with their company’s insurance program, but they don’t give their personal insurance the same level …

Preparing for the Storm

Greetings to our Friends and Neighbors. The span between mid August and late September are anxious days for those of us that reside in coastal states.  We watch tropical waves come off the coast of Africa with great interest during the late summer months; as they develop into tropical depressions our attention increases.  When these …

‘Tis the Season

The days between Thanksgiving week and the end of the year are always hectic.  Joyous, to be certain, but hectic.  There is so much going on: Christmas decorating and shopping, school vacation for our children, and visits from family and friends, often from afar. Year-end also brings the close of the Fiscal Year for each …