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Education for Dealerships

Education is a critical part of the DRS Risk Management Program.

We have held workshops at numerous venues throughout the country: NADA, NADC, Auto CPA, and various 20 Groups.  We are a consistent contributor to various industry publications and newsletters providing the Dealer community with articles on Risk Management and Loss Control.

But, our approach goes way beyond “working the system.” We actually get to the root of the problem; the claims issues that move the premium needle northward.  We identify them and take the appropriate steps to correct them.  Sometimes, it is as simple as changing a procedure, other times, it involves changing the Risk Management Culture of the Dealership.

The key to controlling premiums lies in controlling claims.

So, the development of a sound Loss Control Program is the first step.
But, in order to control claims…you first must understand them.

A good Risk Manager knows how many claims his Dealership will have in the upcoming year, the cost of those claims, and the areas of the claims: auto accidents, slip and falls, etc.

In the Risk Management business, the key to the future lies in the past.

We’ll help you chart historical claims, noting trends in certain areas, and gain an understanding of exactly what is happening at your Dealership.

With this information, we can tailor your Loss Control Program to those specific areas where claims are occurring…and, utilize awareness and corrective measures to control or eliminate these losses.
With losses controlled and the Dealership’s Risk Management “firing on all cylinders” you can accurately predict the claims outcome!

This affords Dealerships the opportunity to look at Loss Sensitive programs that involve higher deductible options…and much lower premiums.
Changing the way you are doing things, even just a little, can pay huge dividends with your insurance program…and ensure that your family fortune is safe.

The DRS Team is available for a full review of your Loss Prevention Program.

We have the expertise to help you improve your current program and/or develop a new one. We’ll help you set up a Safety Committee and a Risk Management Team that will dramatically reduce your claims…and, thus, your premium!