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Preparing for the Storm

Preparing for the Storm

Greetings to our Friends and Neighbors.

The span between mid August and late September are anxious days for those of us that reside in coastal states.  We watch tropical waves come off the coast of Africa with great interest during the late summer months; as they develop into tropical depressions our attention increases.  When these systems become Hurricanes, we begin preparations.   We know that someone along the coast is going to be affected.  Property will be damaged, lives and businesses will be interrupted.

As we prepare to ride out the storm at our homes, or evacuate to locations we feel will be safer, our senses are on high alert.  Most people are anxious and frightened by the magnitude of the storms that approach and the valuable property that they know will be lost.  When gas becomes depleted and traffic slows on our escape routes, tempers can flare as frustrations rise.  The uncertainty of what is to come drives these emotions.

But, given all of the anxious anticipation and the frustration that occurs in the immediate days and hours before the storm hits, the days that follow are entirely different.  Communities band together to help each other.  Strangers exchange waves or smiles and engage in conversation.

These reactions are commonplace with any disaster.  We see it with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. And, certainly, we saw it intensely with another September event – 09/11.  People coming together to show compassion for one another.  Folks lending a helping hand  and words of encouragement to lift each other up.

In the weeks to follow, things return to normal. Power is restored, businesses re-open, damage is repaired, and life resumes.  People once again become consumed with their day to day concerns.  Until the next disaster when we remember what is truly important…the safety and well-being of our families and our friends and neighbors.  And, during a disaster, we are ALL friends and neighbors.

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