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Resolutions for 2017

Resolutions for 2017

Welcome 2017.  Happy New Year to all!

There’s something special about the “passing from one year to another.”  It’s a universal time of change.  We reflect, however briefly, on the past and move headstrong into a ’’new year,’’ and sometimes a ‘’new you.’’

We tend to put a lot of stock into that click on the minute hand.  We make big promises to ourselves and to others.  Some are easy, most are difficult, and some are almost impossible to live up to.

But, each year, we do it anyway…asking each other, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

2017 is a particularly special year.  We have a new Administration in Washington and, potentially, a long awaited business friendly environment in that city.  We look forward to this with hopeful optimism and great anticipation.

Truth is, regardless of which political party is ‘’in charge,’’ we are a very blessed nation.  We have freedom and liberty we often take for granted and we are safe…at least more so than other places in the world.

So, as we move into the year, I would like to offer 2 achievable resolutions for both you and me.

The first is to be kinder to our fellow human beings.  Share some of your blessings with those less fortunate, lend a financial helping hand, brighten someone’s day with kind words or a smile, or just spend a few extra minutes of your time with someone in need of a friend.  Share yourself with others.

The second is a little more pragmatic.  It deals with protecting yourself, your family and your business.

Over 100 years ago my family entered into the insurance business, starting with my great uncles, followed by my grandfather, then my Dad.  After avoiding insurance for as long as I could, I joined the family business at age 33.

Over the past three decades, I have gained a tremendous respect for our insurance industry.

To many people, the process of purchasing insurance may rank just above a visit to the dentist for a root canal.  In reality, our industry plays a very important role in the community.  We help put lives and businesses back together after a disaster strikes.

While our industry cannot ‘’turn back the clock’’ on a life, or business, changing event, we can and do assist people in returning to some semblance of normalcy.  If properly structured, your insurance program (business or personal) can relieve the financial pain of an unfortunate event.

Make an insurance review one of your resolutions for 2017.  It’s worth the time.

Happy New Year!

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