Risk Management

We work very hard to make sure that all of your risks are covered and that there are no holes in your policy. The less claims you have, the more your premium will go down – but you want to make sure you don’t have many risks at your dealership!  Here are some of the programs we implement to help you cover all of your bases:

Complete Policy Audit and Risk Analysis 

Here we review your current policy for any loopholes and go over internal procedures you may have implemented to avoid risks. We review and critique your current Loss Control Program and internal safety. This is where we can uncover any excesses or inadequate policies you may be paying for!


Market Assessment and Loss Analysis

We will tell you what markets are available in the insurance world and give you the most competitive prices.  We will also provide a historical analysis of your claims.

Specification and Submission

We can provide a blueprint of your insurance programs and let you know what the factors that affect your premiums look like. We will then submit this to the insurance marketplace.

Presentation and Analysis

Here we will bring the market results back to you and compare the offerings of different companies so that you are able to see the big picture.

Loss Control Program

We will use the claims analysis and our risk management expertise to customize a loss control program that is specific to your dealership.

Workers Compensation Analysis

We will review and verify the mod factor calculations for your employees.

On-Going Claims Analysis

We will continue to provide quarterly claims analyses on any open claims you may have.

Renewal Review Options

We will help you prepare for your renewal 120 days in advance and provide strategies to continue controlling the cost of your premiums.