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Inventory Coverage for Dealerships

Inventory Coverage for Dealerships

In the dealership arena, inventory is one of your most precious assets. It is the vehicle (no pun intended) that entices customers to your dealership. The lure of that specific car and the advertisements surrounding the merits of your dealership are what stimulate sales. Therefore, without an inventory of cars and trucks to sell, your …
Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Business Man Holding Umbrella, Lightning

Accidents Happen, Protect Your Dealership with Commercial Umbrella Coverage

Mishaps and accidents happen at dealerships. And, sometimes even the most insignificant incident turns into a financially devastating multi-million-dollar lawsuit that can place your hard-earned assets in jeopardy. Protecting your dealership means preparing and planning for the worst-case scenario. For example, suppose a customer suffers an injury on the property and sues your dealership. Or, …
Employment Practices Liability (EPLI): Two middle age business workers working together. Woman suffering sexual harassment at the office.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Win or Lose, Lawsuits are Costly

Today's attention-grabbing headlines and viral social media stories are overflowing with employment-related scandals. From Hollywood studios and sports arenas to political offices and business boardrooms, allegations of harassment and discrimination are increasing in frequency, severity, and publicity. In the past, employers and employees quietly handled workplace conflicts. Family and friends might know about a scandal, …
Dealer Risk Services - Garage Liability

Dissecting the Garage Liability Policy

From an insurance perspective, every business has a unique set of exposures. Business owners within the automotive industry are undoubtedly different than manufacturers or owners of other retail operations. For Auto Dealers, Garage Liability Insurance protects your business from unwanted outcomes that may arise. Garage Liability Insurance 101 Garage Liability Insurance originated by combining a …
State of the Dealership Insurance Market

The State of the Dealership Insurance Market

Featured Article in the NADC Defender October 2020 Newsletter If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is that when times change, so must we–and times are certainly changing. The cost of dealership insurance is moving upward, and quickly. Without following the industry news, it may be hard to understand why. The following will …