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Inventory Coverage for Dealerships

Inventory Coverage for Dealerships

In the dealership arena, inventory is one of your most precious assets. It is the vehicle (no pun intended) that entices customers to your dealership. The lure of that specific car and the advertisements surrounding the merits of your dealership are what stimulate sales. Therefore, without an inventory of cars and trucks to sell, your …
Crime Coverage: Cyber criminal hacking system at table.

Crime Coverage: How You Can Protect Your Dealership Against Crime

Employee dishonesty, embezzlement, theft, and property damage can happen to a business of any size, including your dealership. Since auto dealers regularly manage large financial transactions, there is also an elevated risk for forgery, fraud, data breaches, and hacking. The consequences of these crimes can be financially devastating and lead to severe reputational harm. Ordinarily, …

How to Properly Manage Key Control and Lot Protection

  With every missing inventory vehicle, the first questions are (and should be) How, When and Who. We always begin with How.   The ‘’How’’ always revolves around the key issue…Where are the keys?  Insurance Claims Adjusters ask about the main set and then make sure the warranty books and/or files contain the second set.  This …